Visual Question Answering and Dialog Workshop
Location: Seaside Ballroom B, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
at CVPR 2019, June 17, Long Beach, California, USA


The primary goal of this workshop is two-fold. First is to benchmark progress in Visual Question Answering and Visual Dialog.

Invited Speakers

Alex Schwing
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Lisa Hendricks
University of California, Berkeley

Yoav Artzi
Cornell University

Layla El Asri
Microsoft Research

Christopher Manning
Stanford University

Sanja Fidler
University of Toronto

Karl Moritz Hermann
Google DeepMind

Submission Instructions

We invite submissions of extended abstracts of at most 2 pages describing work in areas such as: Visual Question Answering, Visual Dialog, (Textual) Question Answering, (Textual) Dialog Systems, Commonsense knowledge, Video Question Answering, Video Dialog, Vision + Language, and Vision + Language + Action (Embodied Agents). Accepted submissions will be presented as posters at the workshop. The extended abstract should follow the CVPR formatting guidelines and be emailed as a single PDF to the email id mentioned below. Please use the following LaTeX/Word templates.

  • LaTeX/Word Templates (zip):

    • Dual Submissions
      We encourage submissions of relevant work that has been previously published, or is to be presented at the main conference. The accepted abstracts will not appear in the official IEEE proceedings.

      Where to Submit?
      Please send your abstracts to


    Jan 2019 Challenge Announcement
    mid-May 2019 Challenge Submission
    May 24, 2019 Extended Workshop Paper Submission
    May 29, 2019 Notification to Authors
    Jun 2019 Workshop


    Abhishek Das
    Georgia Tech

    Ayush Shrivastava
    Georgia Tech

    Karan Desai
    Georgia Tech

    Yash Goyal
    Georgia Tech

    Aishwarya Agrawal
    Georgia Tech

    Amanpreet Singh
    Facebook AI Research

    Meet Shah
    Facebook AI Research

    Drew Hudson

    Satwik Kottur
    Carnegie Mellon

    Rishabh Jain
    Georgia Tech


    Stefan Lee
    Georgia Tech

    Peter Anderson
    Georgia Tech

    Xinlei Chen
    Facebook AI Research

    Marcus Rohrbach
    Facebook AI Research

    Dhruv Batra
    Georgia Tech / Facebook AI Research

    Devi Parikh
    Georgia Tech / Facebook AI Research


    This work is supported by grants awarded to Dhruv Batra and Devi Parikh.